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About the Award Brand

The QQI Award Brand and its usage (briefly) explained...

What is the QQI Award?

The QQI Award is a quality assured award for further and higher education and training in Ireland.

As the QQI Award is still in its infancy, it is important that learners and all our stakeholders are informed about the award and what it stands for.


Who can use the Award Brand?

Providers who deliver programmes leading to QQI awards.

Stakeholders who do not deliver programmes leading to QQI awards but refer to QQI awards in their course of business.

Where can I access the Award Brand?

The QQI Award brand logo is strictly controlled and is only made available to providers for use in the promotion of their programmes leading to QQI awards.

Providers should use the QQI Business System (QBS)  and enter their login details to access the area for usage guidelines and downloading of the QQI Award brand logo.






Promoting the Award Brand

What we will do. What you can do...

QQI Promotions and Media Page

Working together to promote the Award Brand.

QQI is launching a marketing campaign, running over twenty months, to promote wider recognition and understanding of the award and its positioning in the NFQ.  The campaign will include radio and print advertising, digital marketing and the development of a suite of promotional materials for learners and providers.

The slogan “QQI Award. Know it when you see it.” has been specifically developed to create a real understanding and recognition by learners, providers and employers alike, and will be used across all elements of the campaign.

You too can play a part through promoting the QQI award in your publications, signage and on your website.

Working together we can ensure that the QQI award is recognised nationally and internationally as a respected qualification of value to learners and employers.

You work hard to deliver courses of the very highest quality.  Now your learners will know that the QQI award will work equally hard for them.

For more information on how to correctly use the QQI Award brand logo and reference award titles, visit our promotions and media page on the QQI website.


Campaign Media

Print and Audio


The advertisements below are part of the current marketing campaign to promote the QQI Award Brand. QQI is making the posters available for downloading and printing purposes. QQI thanks you in advance for being part of this campaign.

QQI kindly requests that you do not modify the artwork.

Viewing the posters:

To view the posters please click on the magnifying glass icon (which will appear when you hover over or tap on the image).

Please note however the poster will not print correctly from this view in your browser window.

Printing the posters:

Please ensure to download the PDF file to your computer and open it in a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.

The PDFs can be printed to fit the desired paper size using the Print Dialog box which will appear in your PDF Reader software.

Higher Education and Training Award
Dámhachtain Ardoideachais agus Oiliúna

Further Education and Training Award
Dámhachtain Breisoideachais agus Oiliúna

Radio Advertisements

There are two advertisements currently being broadcast to promote awareness of the QQI Award brand. They are available below for listening purposes.

Please contact us with queries you
may have regarding the QQI Award Brand...


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